Berthold Capital, LLC—Commission-Based Accounts

Berthold Capital, LLC, uses a distinct asset allocation strategy that goes beyond the scope of traditional asset allocation. Assets are held in a brokerage account and trades are effected on a commission basis. Securities are offered through Commonwealth Financial Network®.

We use a combination of traditional and nontraditional investments following strategies to leverage a variety of asset classes and securities. We believe that by broadly diversifying assets among these investment options our clients have a better chance to outpace inflation and potentially boost portfolio performance while helping to smooth out the market's ups and downs. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss in declining markets.

Once a client's risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objectives have been identified, an asset allocation strategy is determined for the investor. We use the following five investment objective descriptions to determine risk tolerance and suitability:

  • Income with Limited Growth
  • Income with Moderate Growth
  • Growth and Income
  • Primarily Growth
  • Growth

Berthold Capital, LLC, Asset Allocation Strategy

Investment Objective SelectionIncome with Limited Growth, Income with Moderate Growth, Growth and Income, Primarily Growth, Growth
TradingUpon Discussion with Financial Consultant
Portfolio TurnoverLow-Moderate
Asset AllocationMutual Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds
Account Size$50,000 Minimum